Marketing Data is Bullshit

Modern marketing revolves around data. Modern data. Big data. Small data. All the data. Statistics and analytics words get thrown around the industry all the time. Endless pieces on the internet talking about how to intrepret this, how to intrepret that, etc. There is a problem to all of this though. The industry is all bullshit.

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Preparing for GitHub Main Default

Changing existing branches

As we prepare for GitHub to completely switch over to main as the default branch, I have been doing some cleanup on projects I have not yet pushed. GitHub is working on a tool to transfer over already pushed repos by the end of the year. That tool will “seamlessly” transfer open PRs, draft PRs and branch protection policies. I’m impatient and want to get into the habit of switching to the new naming scheme now, so here is a braindump of things I have done so far.

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Pipe Through less

I found an interesting command today while working on some MySQL databases for my company. I was getting annoyed at the spaghetti code that would from out of the table when I used the commandline.


I would try to use this view my tables. I would have to limit my rows to keep the spaghetti to a minimum. I finally gave up and googled around until I found this command.

pager less -SFX
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Speeding up SQL Transactional Jobs

Yesterday, I was working on SQL code that would truncate the table, pull the newest data of completed jobs by a department with an Action_Date (just the time the job was completed) of GetDate() - 366 (so one year back from the current date) and then inserts that into the empty table. This took about half an hour to run, which was acceptable on the daily AM job schedule.

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